About Swami Ji

In 1938, on Thursday, the 6th August, at village Tughalwala (Gurdaspur) he opened his eyes in the lap of Mata Kartar Kaur Ji wife of S. Swaran Singh Riar. He completed his education upto Matric in 1955 from S.K.D. Khalsa High School Tughalwala and then joined Sikh National College, Quadian. His Greatgreat grand father Bapu Bhag Singh Ji was Dewan of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. They are known, in their village, as RAJA-KE.

In 1910 there happened a historical event. Baba Aya Singh Ji, who belonged to village Bham about 3 k.m. away from village Tughalwala in Riarki, made up his mind to start a Putri Pathshala to educate girls but he did not have sufficient land of his own. His villagers refused to provide him land rather they condemned his very idea of starting a school for girls. Then Baba Aya Singh Ji met Bapu Gurdit Singh Ji, Grand father of Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji who happily invited Baba Aya Singh Ji and offered him as much land as he needed. Thus Bapu Gurdit Singh Ji was the first donor of land for the Putri Pathshala to impart education to the girls. That Putri Pathshala later on became Sri Kharag Dhari Khalsa High School and now it is Senior Secondary School at Tughalwala. Thereafter five more donors followed suit. In those days no body could even imagine of giving education to girls. Bapu Gurdit Singh Ji was so foresighted that he often used to say "If we educate a boy we educate only one person but if a girl is educated we educate a complete family." This small Putri Pathshala has now flourished manifold. It is now known as BABA AYA SINGH RIARKI GIRLS COLLEGE TUGHALWALA (GURDASPUR) where about 1650 girls are studying, out of which approximately 1150 girls are hostelers. The salient feature of this college is that pupils are themselves the teachers here. This method of teaching was the invention of fertile brain of comrade Channan Singh Ji, Who remained president of this institution from the begining of College. Whosoever visits this unique institution, his first reaction is that this institution is the Second Shanti Niketan. In this college religious education is also imparted to the students. The Principal of this College S. Swaran Singh Virk has great contribution towards the progress of this institution and in imparting religious as well as social education to students of this college.

Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji has inherited the habit of sacrificing his own facilities for the service of down-trodden and needy masses from his encestors. He joined Government service in Punjab Police during 1956 and served in police department for about 27 years on prestigious posts such as Immigration Officer at Raja Sansi Air Port during 1967-68, and as S.H.O. of very important Police Stations at U.T. Chandigarh and Punjab as well as Sub Division Incharge. He completed male Nursing Course from 92. G.H. C/o 56 A.P.O. He also improved his education during the service period. During the course of his service he gave justice to the people even by facing confrontation with his superiors. He never bowed before injustice. He settled in Jalandhar permanently since 1976. Ever since his childhood he has been religious minded. He has studied all the religions very closely. He came in contact with Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji Maharaj (Dhianpur Wale) during 1969 and remained as his devoted disciple for 12 long years. Swami Ji showered His Choicest Blessings upon him by way of disclosing secrets of spiritualism. He meditated and served his mentor with undaunted devotion.


It gives me immense pleasure to announce that SGL-Charitable Hospital, Garha, Jalandhar has come up as a Super-Speciality hospital dedicated to the service of mankind. Poor and needy masses can avail the facilities of free check of cancer with mammography (by paying the cost of film) and free dialysis (by paying the cost of disposables).

Started in 1995, this charitable hospital is endeavoring to provide the best treatment of all diseases. I invite one and all to make best use of the expertise of team of experienced doctors and modern medical equipments available in SGL Charitable Hospital so that our mission "SERVICE OF MANKIND IS WORSHIP OF GOD" is accomplished. - Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji(Founder Chairman)

In 1981, he was ordained by his mentor (Sat Guru), Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji Maharaj, to take up the duty of delivering religious discourses (Sat Sang) from Holy Granths of all the religions.Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji founded Dera Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji Maharaj (Dhianpur Wale) Sat Naam Anami Sat Sang Ghar, at Garha Jalandhar on his personal landed property. With the passage of time devotees of this dera from all the religions started coming in large number. During 1988, there were heavy floods in Punjab.Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji came out for the help of flood-victims. He distributed medicines, clothes, and food stuff to the flood victims. He even went to the flood affected areas personally and himself evacuated the stranded people and deadbodies from flood waters. During this operation, he caught infection. He remained under treatment at Jaslok Hospital in Bombay, which was quite costly. During the days of his treatments at Bombay he determined that after recovery he will construct a hospital in Punjab and will equip it with machinery in such a way that nobody shall have to come down to Bombay for treatment which will be made within the reach of poor masses.

On 16.8.1992Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji decided to convert the Dera into a Charitable Hospital and started the construction of hospital building on vacant land of the Dera. He donated his personal property worth Rs. 2.5. crores for this purpose and constituted a Charitable Trust named Baba Kashmira Singh Jan Sewa Trust to run this Charitable Hospital. He has also donated 20 Acres of land to provide free meals to the patients. He took with him likeminded personalities such as S. Darbara Singh former Speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha as Senior Vice President of the Trust and Comrade Channan Singh, General Secretary All India Freedom Fighters' Organisation as Vice President of the Trust. He also took Doctors, Advocates and Educationists in his team. With the help of this institution S. Darbara Singh Ji was elected Member Parliament in 1996. During Mid-Term Polls of 1998 S. Darbara Singh Ji offered this seat to Shri I.K. Gujral the then Prime Minister of India, with the consultation of Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji. S. Dardara Singh Ji was appointed Governor of Rajasthan on 1st May 1998 on the recommendations of S. Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister of Punjab. Unfortunately S. Darbara Singh Ji expired on 24.5.98. His wife Smt. Prabhjot Kaur was nominated as vice president in place of Late S. Darbara Singh Ex.-Governor.

On 30.1.98 Sh. Inder Kumar Gujral the then Prime Minister of India had inaugurated the Enquiry wing and Waiting Hall at the entrance of this hospital. On 10.11.92,Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji started a Free Dispensary as a part of the hospital. He provided relief to the poor and down trodden masses by arranging Free Medical/Eyes Check up and operation camps every half yearly. Blood Donation camps were also arranged to help the local Red Cross Society. He took up the construction work of Hospital building so enthusiastically that on 23.4.95 Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji inaugurated Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji Maharaj (Dhianpur Wale) (S.G.L.) Charitable Hospital himself. This hospital initially started fuctioning with a capacity of 50 beds. Highly trained and experienced Doctors and staff were appointed. OPD, X-Ray Machine, ECG Machine, Cardiac Monitor and Laboratory were set up in the first instance. Gradually all modern facilities were provided and machinery was either puchased or imported. All the patients, and one attendant of each patient, are served with free meals.