Formation of Eye Bank

Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji remains concerned about the masses. He is of the opinion that Punjab being a province of agriculturists and labour community who suffer from the infection of the eyes, particularly the cornea which ultimately leads to blindness. Hence he felt the need for establishing of an eye bank. At the time of commissioning S.G. L. Charitable hospital, the first task undertaken was the formation of the eye bank. Already 315 donors pledged to donate their eyes. The account was opened by Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji himself and his wife Smt. Mohinder Kaur as the first donor Card Holders.


In Punjab and other states, under the influence of the western culture, particularly the youngsters of well to do families have started taking drugs. All young folks of new generation are lured towards Drug Addiction and this menace is on the increase. Whenever such cases are brought to the notice of Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji by any person, the Drug Addicts are brought here. The treatment is given both ways i.e. through medicine and meditation. many such cases has been cured and one of the purpose of S.G.L. Charitable Hospital is to get the addicts rid of this deadly addiction and help them to come back to the main social stream.


Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji often says that Breast / Uterus cancer is widely spread in females today causing havoc with their lives. Neither there is any provision for the primary detection nor are any efforts being made towards such a goal. If cancer is detected at this initial stage it can be controlled and many precious lives can be saved. As a matter of fact, in our society, a woman is a central pivot of the family who works shoulder to shoulder, gives birth to the progeny, is neglected. This was on the top of the agenda of Swami Ji to import the Mammography for the detection of cancer which is likely to be installed within few days so that periodic check up can be undertaken for all the females.


Many poor families cannot look after their elders to financial handicaps and they are still others who though are well to do just neglect their old folks. Although we all know that one has to grow old and senile and according to the saying DEATH IS SUBSTANCE AND LIFE IS THE SHADOW every one has to die and go from this mundane world. Towards this move Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji has a plan to construct a wing of S.G.L. Charitable Hospital ion which such elderly people will be nursed and looked after in terms of boarding, lodging, medical care and recreation.


Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji persuades his every follower neither to accept dowry nor to give dowry. For this purpose followers (Satsangis) are encouraged to marry their children in Satsangi families irrespective of cast and creed. This serves dual purpose: (a) To stop dowry evil and (b) To strengthen the national Integration. Marriages of children of those families who agree to abide by this Anti Dowry Guidelines are ceremonised in S.G.L. Jan Sewa Kendar and all the expenses of kitchen are borne by this organisation.


Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji has founded the society of the performance of last rites of dead bodies which belong to poor people or where there is no next of kin. It is generally seen that for religious purpose people donate very generously, but for the cremation of dead bodies there is no provision any where, thus leaving it to Sewa Samities who with their meager resources do the needful. Keeping this dire need in view, Swami Baba Kashmira Singh Ji has founded Gurbachan Partap Society offering to undertake Last Rites exclusively for unclaimed dead bodies and got it registered with Registrar of Firms and Societies Chandigarh.Its branches are being opened in every district headquarters in every state. As far as possible, last rites of the deceased will be performed according to the religion of the concern person.